5 Ways to Save some Shmoney.

Are you a baddie on a budget? Girl, we got you. Check out or list below for some handy hints on how to save a little extra cash shmoney; you can thank us later.

Keep it Old School

Throw it back to your younger years and get yourself a cute little piggy bank or coin jar. Instead of leaving your loose change in the bottom of handbags and down the back of those pesky couch cushions, pop it in the piggy bank- you will be surprised how quickly those coins add up!

About That Coffee…

This is gonna be tough babe, but we need to talk about that daily cup of coffee. While we know how important that morning buzz is, maybe swap out that double shot soy blend for a yummy herbal tea brewed at home to save a little extra moolah. Even if it’s just one morning a week, every penny counts (also, your pearly whites will thank you!).

Swap Cocktails for the Couch

Now we all love a good girls night; but we know that those yummy cocktails can hurt your wallet (as well as your head!). Instead of hitting the town, have a cute night in with your bff’s every now and then. Split some supermarket wine and a cheeky cheeseboard and pop on a classic Rom-Com and you’re all set ladies.

Be a Goal Digger.

The easiest way to save some money is to set financial goals. Whether you set smaller, weekly saving targets or have a specific event or trip scheduled that requires a set amount of money, it is a lot easier to stash that cash when you have a plan. Try to keep your specific goal in mind each time you spend and be sure to track your progress- you got this!


There’s an App for That.

The great thing about smart phones (aside from bomb-ass selfie cameras) is that there are apps for EVERYTHING. If you’re trying to save some $$, check out the hundreds of free apps out there that can help you track your spending habits and help keep them in check. Thats some futuristic finance, honey.