Go Eco.

Here at Carbon Coco, we’re all about the natural; so of course we want to look after mother nature as best we can! In an effort to go green, we have compiled a little list to help you guys up your eco-game.

Be Prepared

We all know how bad plastic bags are for the planet- so its important we avoid them at all costs. With just a little organisation you can be prepared and have your own reusable shopping bags handy; this goes for grocery shopping and a trips to the mall- ban the bag!

Shop Natural

Where possible, try to purchase products that are made from natural, sustainably sourced materials. By using natural ingredients you lessen your impact on the environment, especially when it comes to your beauty routine. Not to mention, natural is always better for your body so this ones a win win!

Get Thrifty

We know staying on trend is important for your selfie game, but fast fashion can be pretty bad for our planet. A great way to be more fashionably ethical is to shop at second hand stores. With so many great vintage stores out there you may even stumble upon a fab new style- go set those trends baby girl!

Walk it Out

Don’t get us wrong, we love a convenient uber as much as the next guy- but (unless its a hybrid car), its just not green. Instead of jumping in your car for every errand, why not go for a stroll instead? We get that it’s not always the easiest option, but just think, that’s one less cardio sesh at the gym girl! Saving the earth and our waistlines? Yes please!


This won’t be for everyone, but why not dabble in the vegan lifestyle? Switching just one meal a week can lower your impact on the environment; and there are some surprisingly delicious, totally Instagrammable vegan recipes out there, why not give it a go!?