Top Travel Tips
Are you a notorious over-packer? A first time explorer? Most people aren’t born savvy travellers, so we’re here to help with our top travel tips!


Always pack your valuables in your carry on; just in case your luggage goes walkabout. It’s also a good idea to pack a spare set of clothes along with them if you have room, that way you have a fresh set to change into if your checked bag is misplaced.

Invest in some packing cubes or washable laundry bags to help keep your bag organised. Either divide your luggage by item type or into outfits to save yourself the hassle of rifling through your bag every morning hunting for specific pieces.

Prevent any makeup disasters by placing a cotton pad or ball in your pressed powder compacts to prevent them from shattering if (/when) your bag gets manhandled in transit.

Try rolling your clothes as opposed to folding them. While you’re at it, place small items such as underwear and socks inside of shoes and hats to maximise your use of space; you’ll be amazed at how much room you save!

Keep your luggage clean by storing shoes inside shower caps or freezer bags to prevent any dirt transfer. You can also avoid mess by keeping liquid toiletries in ziplock bags and packing light coloured clothing inside out to prevent any marks.

Keep your charger cords from tangling by storing them in an old sunglasses case. Speaking of tangles, keep dainty necklaces knot-free by threading them through a straw and closing the clasp. Life:hacked!


Always, always, ALWAYS get travel insurance. It can save you thousands in the event of an accident. While there are ways to cut costs when travelling abroad, this ain’t it fam.

Do your research. While spontaneity and ‘getting lost’ is half the fun of travelling, it still pays to get the scoop on your chosen destination. Whether it’s getting clued up on local customs and traditions, or looking up the best ways to get from A to B; the more you know about your hotspot of choice, the more you get from your adventure!

Don’t keep all your money in one place. As the saying goes, hope for the best, but plan for the worst. Protect yourself from an overseas nightmare by storing a separate credit card or stash of cash off your person so that in the event of an accident or robbery you aren’t completely stranded. While you’re at it, make some copies of important travel documents and your passport just in case you misplace the originals; it can make the recovery process much easier.

Invest in a USB power pack (or two)! In this day and age we are more reliant on our devices than ever. Don’t get stranded without maps, account access or your phone camera when your battery dies; and be sure to purchase a quality power pack that will extend your adventure time without the risk of losing those precious travel ‘gram opportunities.

Don’t let your routine lapse. While travelling is about escape by design; you don’t have to abandon crucial aspects of your daily routine. Exercise will usually come with the territory of exploring, but other self care practices can often go out the window while your abroad. But don’t worry; keeping up your oral health routine has never been easier. All of our products are totally portable; our organic coconut shell charcoal comes in a handy round tub, so you can care for your pearlers on the fly. Take your Carbon Coco everywhere and never compromise your smile.